Documenting the Artificially Induced Medical Panic

This is a collection of links with some comments:

To be continued…


  • Summary based on mainstream “press” (known liars and propagandists) and mainstream medical “science” (conflicted by monetary interests, applying pseudo-science) reports and following which also provides links:
    1. The lethality of the “virus” is in the per mille range…
    2. …even in Wuhan.
    3. 50-80% of “test-positive” individuals remain symptom-free, even among 70-79 years old.
    4. Median age of the deceased (incl. Italy) is about 80 years old, only 1% had no serious previous illness.
    5. Media reports of young deaths have been proven to be false (what a surprise!)
    6. Normal overall mortality in the U.S. is 8000 per day, in Italy 1800 per day. Annual influenza deaths in the U.S. are up to 80.000, in Germany and Italy up to 20.000-25.000.
    7. Additional risk factors are air pollution (Northern Italy & Wuhan), legionella contamination (Italy) and collapse of care for the elderly and sick.
    8. Flu overload of hospitals in the U.K and U.S. or Italy and Spain is not unusual. Additionally 15% of medical staff is currently under quarantine.
    9. There is a difference if one dies “from” or “with” the virus, a distinction not made in many countries’ “death counts”.
    10. Thus the number of test-positive cases is irrelevant. What is relevant is the number of unexpected pneumonia cases (which is not tracked).
    11. The exponential rise in “cases” is misleading, as the number of tests is also rising exponentially, while the ratio of positive tests remains constant at 5-15% (which is the prevalence of coronaviruses in flu-like diseases)
    12. Countries with no lock-downs (Sweden, Japan, Korea) have faced no more adverse circumstances.
    13. Invasive ventilation is counterproductive and causes additional damage to lungs. Ventilation is partly done due to the fear of spreading through aerosols
    14. German study found no evidence for aerosol or smear infectious spread.
    15. Many clinics have been lacking patients (even in ICUs). (The overload of Italian hospitals is easily explained by a prevalence of elderly patients with multiple long-term health conditions, treated with a number of toxic drugs, exposed to severe air pollution (accounting for severe lung problems on its own in prior years) and potentially negative impacts by the newly switched-on 5G networks (e.g. in Milano), who driven by media fear swamp the ICUs.)
    16. Media have been caught in attempts of scaremongering and over-dramatization, using fake footage (e.g. footage that was initially shown as stemming from Italy was later shown as coming from a U.S. hospital; a mannequin was shown as a CV patient; a footage with coffins turned out to stem from a movie, etc.)
    17. The test kits are error prone with 80% false positive rates (as among others they also react to non-novel coronaviruses) and were not clinically validated. There are also additional reports of the kits themselves being contaminated with the CV. Finally, the tests are useless for the purpose as stated by the PCR test inventor and Nobel prize winner Mullis and as they do not measure virus load.
    18. The lock-down measures are medically, psychologically and economically counterproductive according to experts
    19. Unemployment and psychological problems have exploded in number in the U.S. and elsewhere
    20. One of the results of the crisis is increase in surveillance, fear propaganda and other totalitarian measures

The purpose of the current event (not sure which of the 7 points below it will reach):

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